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A Northern Drawl is a rock band that hails from Toronto, Canada. The band first came together a number of years ago when all four members attended McGill University together. It wasn’t until they all moved back to Toronto, though, that they put their focus on writing songs for what would become A Northern Drawl. After writing and rehearsing for a few months, A Northern Drawl began playing shows around Toronto, earning a reputation as a fierce live act, “weaving through My Morning Jacket, Neil Young, and the Allman Brothers, this is a brash execution of classic rock bombast, dizzying solos, and soulful vocals (Lonely Vagabond 2009).” In the summer of 2009, A Northern Drawl entered the studio to record songs for their debut EP, featuring songs like “I Tried,” “Fortunes” and “This Town.” Currently, A Northern Drawl are writing and rehearsing new material as they prepare for a productive 2010.

As of July 2010, we are in the process of recording new tracks…stay tuned for shows and new music in the fall of 2010!!!

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