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Clips like this are what makes the internet great…

I think Eddie used to climb stuff alot…

I wish I could have been old enough to check them out when they were still this hungry.

Just a reminder about the show tomorrow night as Lee’s Palace too…A Northern Drawl, live at 9pm…check it!

Pearl Jam – Lawrence, KS, 1992

Random/last minute show!!! Monday July 26th Lee’s Palace, 9pm!

Come and check us out as we will be previewing a bunch of our new and rocking tracks that we’ve been hard at work on…

We’ll be on at around 9pm in support of heavy, prog contemporaries I, Emperor and Slyde!!

This is our first time at Lee’s Palace and should be a great time…come for a drink on a Monday…it’s summertime!!!

Hit this for Details!

A Northern Drawl recording new tracks!!

For the past few months we’ve been writing and recording…we’re definitely starting to carve our own niche as far as our “sound” goes. I think this will mark a big step forward for us musically and as a band. Stay tuned for some samples and unreleased material in the coming days…until then, keep on rockin’!

Not just about A Northern Drawl…

This site is also about stuff we love…here’s a taste…unreleased and rockin’…a new Pearl Jam track. Check out Mike’s sizzlin’ solo…Amazing.

OF THE EARTH (Pearl Jam)

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